These guidelines are effective June 15, 2022

Community Guidelines

CivicBell strives to provide you with a service that connects you with your community and local elected and public officials. In return, we ask that you respect the CivicBell Service and other users, and follow these rules about what not to do when you’re using the Service. Please remember that when you agreed to our applicable terms of service (including these guidelines), you agreed that you are responsible for any and all conduct and content under your account.

You agree that when you use the Service:

While we hope that all users of the CivicBell Service comply with these guidelines, we must caution you that, notwithstanding these guidelines and the requirements in our terms of service, you may be exposed to offensive, indecent or objectionable content when using the Service. We expect that you understand this and, accordingly, you use the Service at your own risk.

If you encounter any of the prohibited uses listed above, or any other objectionable content, you may contact us at