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Overview for Residents

We enable secure engagement between you and your Government Officials

We automatically connect you to your 15-20 districts and all government agencies, public officials, and elected officials representing those.

No more following 30 newsletter and spending 90 minutes on Twitter searching for accounts

We optionally verify you as real person through Have peace of mind all engagement is genuine from real people in the area.

No more fake accounts, bots, or hostile foreign actors to mess with our democracy

We provide your everything app for local politics by integrating existing local news outlets, local events, and our petition-like CivicMotions

No more figuring out what's going on in your community and where to get that information from

Founded on a mission to provide access to political information and engagement without giving up your privacy. Read more about our focus on privacy our dedicated website

Additionally, have a look at our Rules of Engagement to understand how we imaginge productive political discourse to take place.

Overview for Government Officials

Receive unprecedented insights into your constituency, even when they only passively engage

A communication dashboard that's actually useful

We mapped California: As soon as someone in your district signs-up for CivicBell, they'll automatically follow you, taking the burden of reaching your constituency off your shoulders.

We use analytics: For each post on CivicBell you'll see the demographic breakdown of the district you reached out to, and actual or estimated demographic information of residents who engaged on your post.

We count views as engagement: Your constituents don't need to write comments or answer surveys (though we'd appreciate that), their actual or estimated demographic information is being recorded even when they just look at your post. You'll get unprecedented insights into whom your reached and whom you haven't.

Easily plan your engagements each step of the way

We help you plan: Write as many posts in "unpublished" as you like and have them auto-publish on a specific date.

Discussions and Surveys close: You can set a time limit for each survey & discussion post, making sure you only receive input as long as the topic is relevant.

Delete but not forgotten: Public records requirements can be a headache. Not with CivicBell. Even when you delete a post we securely retain a copy that can easily be requested only by you (or where mandated by law).

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CivicBell is following all legal requirements such as
the Brown Act, Bagley-Keene Act, ADA, CCPA or the Public Records Act
Additionally, have a look at our Rules of Engagement for Government Officials before signing up. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Elected & Public Officials

❯ Is this an official government service?

❯ Do I need to be a registered voter at my address to use CivicBell?

❯ Will elected and public officials see my identity?

❯ Will you sell my personal data?

❯ How do you make money?

Meet Our Team

Will Scott

Co-Founder and CEO

Anthony Spaelti

Co-Founder and COO

Tyler Hawes

Political Data Scientist

Vikram Seshadri

Public Communication

Tyler Vergho

Team Lead Mobile

Chris McMichael

Team Lead Web

Josipa Iljic

Head Project Management

Ivor Barić

CivicBell Platform Architect

Lucija Frljak

Team Lead UX & Design

Our Advisors

Without whom none of this would be possible

John Gastil

Distinguished Professor in Communication and Political Science

Nicole Guttridge

Chief Information Officer at City of Elk Grove

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