These guidelines are effective October 10th, 2022

Rules of Engagements
for government agencies, elected officials, and public officials

At CivicBell, we intend to help government:

To simplify and improve productive communication with constituents by
  • Exchanging information
  • Providing a platform where the government officials control how to most effectively communicate each issue
To serve the people better so constituents feel
  • Heard: that their voice and opinions are received and do matter
  • Informed: they have a more complete understanding of what all the different levels of government are doing, or at least they know where to go to be informed
To function and operate better by providing
  • Easier, less work intensive methods to meet public outreach needs
  • Quick and cost-effective polling of genuine constituents with detailed analytical breakdowns


Update your constituency

Do discuss next steps on decisions that have just been made

I’m walking out of a board meeting where we just unanimously voted to repave all roads in in our county parks. Which parks are a priority for you?

Do share upcoming decisions and the available options

Next month we are finalizing the 2023 budget with a close look at our Covid Vaccination clinics. The next couple weeks will include an analysis on whether we should pursue a mobile dispersed solution or a large permanent central location

Do deliberate plans for the future and what issues will be tackled

We are very optimistic that 2023 will bring exciting new developments in our school system. As a resident, which of the following are you most interested in your school district pursuing?

Do post public events pertinent to your constituency

Notice is hereby given on a planned urban mall development on 1st street. More information can be found here. Public hearing will be held on March 1st, 7pm in City Hall. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Note: This is not a legal hearing and your comments are for deliberation purposes only.

Do spread community events organized by you or your agency

Join me on March 1st, 7pm for my "sidewalk chats" where we explore urban developments together.

Understand your constituency better

Do facilitate discussions on topics of interest regarding upcoming decisions
Do host surveys to understand the opinions of your constituency and/or figure out where confusion and misinformation may be prevalent
Do use analytics to understand who of your constituency you’ve reached and who you haven’t reached

Provide access and availability to your constituency

Do communicate with those who don’t normally have the time for townhall meetings or other events
Do reach those who don’t have the time to individually find and follow/signup for each social media account or every newsletter
Do enable new people in the area to quickly join in community events and participate in public life


Don't promote your campaign

Posts and Engagements are not meant as a place to campaign, be combative or diminutive with other officials and agencies, nor ask for funding

Don't promote extreme partisanship

The focus on local government is meant to help our country unify instead of divide as the extreme partisanship limits the ability to have proper civil discourse

Don't attack other officials

There is a difference between criticizing decisions and stances on issues and attacking the person behind them

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