These guidelines are effective October 18th, 2022

Rules of Engagements
for residents, constituents, and public users in general

At CivicBell, we intend to enable you:

To ease and improve productive communication flow from your government officials to constituents
  • Creating opportunities to passively receive information and to actively engage
  • Providing a platform where civil discourse is promoted and unproductive angry banter is limited
To help you understand who your government is, what they are doing, and how to influence their decisions
  • BE heard: your voice and opinions are received and matter
  • BE informed: you can have a more complete understanding of what each of your different levels of government are doing, or at least know where to go to be informed
To make government serve your community better by sharing your sentiment and opinions
  • answer simple surveys and polls hosted by your officials
  • engage in discussions pertinent to upcoming decisions; also hosted by your officials


Engage honestly and productively

Do participate in surveys that are important to you
Do engage in discussions where you have an informed opinion or where you would like to ask a question and need more clarification
Do RSVP and attend community and local government sponsored events

Seek to understand

Do look for who your officials are and what they are working on
Do  learn about upcoming decisions that are important to you and will impact you, your family, and your community

Promote wider engagement

Do encourage others to participate regardless of political stance or opinions; promote the essence of democracy
Do be willing to listen and seek to understand the viewpoints of others
Do  encourage your officials to use the platform to strengthen their connection with their constituency


There really is only one rule
Don't engage in caustic, unproductive, and uncivil banter
Don't promote extreme partisanship

The focus on local government is meant to help our country unify instead of divide as increasing partisanship limits the ability to have proper civil discourse

Don't bash officials personally

There is a difference between criticizing decisions and stances on issues and verbally attacking the person behind them

Don't expect officials to follow you

CivicBell is about strengthening our representative democracy. While your government officials should seek input from you, don't expect them to blindly execute on it.

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